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Safran Environmental Initiatives

Safran is a leading international high-technology group with three core businesses: aerospace, defence and security. Operating worldwide, the Group has nearly 60,000 employees.

Through this global presence Safran builds industrial and commercial relations with the world's leading prime contractors and operators, while delivering fast, local service to customers around the world. Comprising a number of companies, the Safran group holds, alone or in partnership, world or European leadership positions in its core markets.

The projects launched by Safran recover several kinds of fields into corporate social responsibility.

One of its main projects consists in collecting wasted and recycling paper and plastic to make notebooks for employees of the company. It allows them to become aware of the importance of waste, and give the possibility of the re-use instead of throwing them away. This project was developed with the assistance of the recycling company Ramkay.

They also implemented the sustainable development inside the company but this time upstream, that is to say, in spite of recycling the wastes, they preferred to avoid wasting. For that they introduced some eco friendly water bottles in substitution to the traditionally used paper cup. Thanks to this initiative, Safran succeed to save 360,000 units of paper per year.

In addition to that, Safran setup some measures in order to preserve the environment. They call that kind of measures Go « Green Initiatives ». The idea is to encourage the actions that optimize the usage of natural resources such as energy, water and paper at the office.

For example, it is requested to the employees to do some very basic but useful daily actions as per example to switch off their monitors when they leave the system because monitors, even with screen saver consumes a lot of energy. Another very simple gesture is to setup by default their printers in order to print on recto/ verso to avoid the paper wastage. An analysis of the existing lightings has been done in order to reduce the excess of light in non-needed places. They also adjusted the thermostats during winter season and early morning and late evening for the optimization of the energy usage. The observation is very simple: a one-degree change can save 10% on their heating or cooling bill while cutting down on energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This argument is very good to convince companies; what is good for their economy is also good for the environment.In this project, what we really appreciated was the coherence of the communication whether internal or external to the project that permits to involve all the teams.

As many companies, Safran is also involved into different fields such as medicine, clothes, blood, toys or computer collection, donation and redistribution.

All these actions are essential for a country as India and it is a very good proof of integration of a company abroad. Safran is helping Indian people to find jobs and to increase their development level thanks to tools and formations.


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